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Should you register under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)? If so, how do you register?

You must register for CIS if you employ sub-contractors in the construction industry. The you deduct CIS contributions from your sub-contractor’s payments and submit a monthly report to HMRC.

Sub-contractors can register too and may wish to as registering reduces the deductions taken from your payments, as shown below:

  • 20% deduction when registered
  • 30% deduction when not registered

Contractors then pay these deduction to HMRC on behalf of the sub-contractor, as payment towards their tax liabilities. After the sub-contractor files their Personal Tax Return, HMRC will then offset that from the tax due and either pay this back as a rebate or expect payment on the balance.

CIS applies only to the Contruction industry (as it’s name suggests); a full list of the types of work covered by the scheme is available here.

numbrz can handle all of this for you, registering you, your firm and up to 5 sub-contractors for the scheme, simply select this on the CIS section of our instant quote tool, or contact us. As well as registering you, you can also choose to take on our ongoing CIS services, which are designed to manage the process for businesses paying sub-contractors.

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