Cheap Digital Accountants

In a world where margins are key and profitability can be a struggle to achieve, our cheap digital accountants can ensure that your books are accurately kept in order, and at a cost that makes sure your bottom line isn’t harmed either.

Making light work of your taxes

It’s understandable that a lot of people get lost in the world of taxes and accounts. Whether a small startup or a sprawling corporation, it’s very rarely the role of an owner or a manager to actually get involved in the nitty-gritty of the accounts and taxes. Where bigger firms may be able to hire their own accountants to do the job for them, small to medium businesses need to look externally, which is where our cheap digital accountants come in.

What package is right for you?

Well the whole point of numbrz, is that you can build a package tailored specifically to your needs, without unwanted extras, which is helps make us cheap digital accountants. So saying we do have some popular starter packages, which includes some bookkeeping, great for those starting a new business and those companies that do most of their own or only generate a few bills a month.

The Sole Trader starter package is ideal for individuals and small businesses who don’t generate a ton of paperwork. numbrz will deal with 150 transactions annually for you, and assist you in account and tax queries through the year, helping you out with your Self Assessment Tax Return to make sure you don’t fall foul of complex tax laws.

The Limited Company starter package includes bookkeeping of up to 250 records a year. There’s still the aforementioned tax and accounts advice, and a cheap digital accountant will help out with the preparation and submission of your CT600 and any other major documentation.

The Partnership package, like the Limited Company package, will support you through 250 transactions a year and advise you through tax queries and any preparation of accounts. In this package, we’ll also aid you in the submission of your SA800, and two self-assessment tax returns. This is well suited to bigger companies that want to work with us long term.

Finally, as mentioned above, if none of the above work for you, you can customise a package of your own. With numbrz, your company can hire a bespoke yet cheap digital accountant to ensure your business can flourish without the hassle of accounting.

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